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Dan Pfeiffer started Art House Studio seven years ago with a vision to create high quality custom woodwork, furniture, tables and door. Dan's work has been featured in numerous Southwest magazines and conventions over the past few years and is quickly becoming well-known for it's unique craftsmanship and attention to current styles and detail. The collaboration has resulted is an amazing collection of longhorn furniture, western furniture, longhorn desks and accessories, distressed stain furniture and found art sculpture. It truly is one of a kind!
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Art House Studio is the culmination of two individual talents. One of wood and paint. The meeting of minds and the perseverance of their soul produces creations resulting in one of a kind longhorn furniture, sculpture, paintings, interior spaces and buildings.

Longhorn furniture is our specialty. The fluid shape of the legs in combination with the handcrafted
quality of the carved wood are sure to garner discussion when someone sees this in your home. We do custom tables set to your specifications. Contact us and let us know of a particular design you have in mind. Anything is possible and we want to ensure you are happy with the one of kind pieces we produce for you.

These beautiful and intricate pieces of furniture will certainly make your house more appealing and elegant. This will certainly make the portions of your house more interesting and attractive. Your house will not rise in value because of these furniture, but it will surely look more valuable and beautiful. Plus, these pieces of art and furniture rise in value as time pass by; similar to how UK house prices appreciate as time goes by. These furniture are definitely the perfect addition to your house!


If one works with his hands he is a laborer,
if one works with his hands and his mind
he is a craftsman,
If one works with his hands his mind and
his heart he is an artist.
Therefore the hands and soul is the
cutting edge of the mind.

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Home Is Where The Art Is

Interior Gallery at Art House Studio

Silver Tipped Horn Legs - Art House Original

This is an Art House Studio original creation. You will not find this elsewhere. All of our custom longhorn furniture comes with handcrafted silver (.925) tipped legs. While also adding to the beauty of the table, it adds to the long term durability to be enjoyed for generations.





























What's New At The Studio

New in 2010 - Found Wood & Sculpture of Woman in Pecan
(Click Image for Larger Photo)

New in 2010 - Beautiful Sculptural Wavy Leg Table in Walnut with Glass Top
(Click Image for Larger Photo)

New in 2009 - Gemsbok Zebrawood Side Table by Dan Pfeiffer

Tripod Gemsbok w/ Walnut and Pecan Top by Dan Pfeiffer 2009

Longhorn Console Tables by Dan Pfeiffer 2009

Pecan and Walnut Trestle Table by Dan Pfeiffer

Gemsbok horn table with silver tips by Dan Pfeiffer.

Custom Longhorn Tables

Our longhorn tables are the finest in southwest furniture. Dan Pfeiffer's dedication to producing the finest longhorn furniture is evident in the beauty and durability of these pieces.

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